Res. Hall Bathroom Renovations

Bryn Mawr College Bryn Mawr, PA



For the renovations of three existing common use bathrooms within an historic dormitory building, Our architectural, mechanical, and electrical teams provided design through construction to upgrade the existing bathrooms to be meet accessibility requirements. Working from schematic design through construction, we successfully provided accessible showers, toilet stalls, and lavatories in newly renovated bathrooms.

Solution Details

Within the constraints of the existing space including exterior walls and interior masonry bearing walls, the architectural design team was challenged to meet current building code requirements for fixture counts, while also providing fully accessible accommodations on each floor of the three-story building. The team successfully fit the required fixture count and accessible space requirements through a space efficient design.

The team provided the client with several options and discussed the advantages and disadvantages of each option in order for the client to ultimately make an informed decision and select the option which best met their requirements. The project also required detailed coordination for the piping, shower drains, and lighting due to limited floor to ceiling heights and the need to creatively incorporate soffits into the design to accommodate the plumbing and electrical needs of the new bathroom layouts.

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