informed forms; that perform

The built environments that we help shape through our design and planning are first and foremost your environments. They need to embody your ideas and needs effectively and efficiently. We work closely with each client to ensure an understanding of their facility requirements, combining this understanding with the experience and technical background necessary to deliver a final project that is responsive and performs to your expectations.

durability & sustainability

Sustainability is a popular term these days and can mean a lot of things. We believe that in addition to energy efficiency, the use of environmentally responsible materials, appropriate siting and other common considerations, true sustainability requires building durability. Buildings which are considered to be truly sustainable must be designed to be adaptable, resilient and lasting.

contextual design

We believe that it is important that our work be informed and responsive to the specific context in which it designed, including existing building conditions, site location, and in many cases, local and regional vernacular traditions and historic precedent. We work closely with our engineers, planners and preservation staff to ensure that each design is appropriate to its surroundings and context.

architectural planning and design services include:

  • Renovations
  • Additions
  • Adaptive reuse
  • New construction
  • Historical preservation
  • Code compliance
  • Façade studies & repairs
  • Feasibility studies & condition assessments

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