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adding without subtracting

Spiritual spaces and historic places are inherently unique. Whether that uniqueness originates from the spaces type, its age or history, or both, modernizing or expanding these spaces require keen focus and considerations.

spiritual spaces

Our architectural design for ecclesiastical spaces involves integrating and balancing varied, and often complex criteria from multiple sources, into a workable and aesthetically pleasing design for a building or space. Sometimes these criteria are based on the physical requirements of a space. Other times they are less tangible, tied to a community’s needs, or a perhaps a client’s spiritual beliefs and liturgy. Often the design process includes the preservation or repair of existing historic building elements and their incorporation into the project.

historical spaces

When the project is purely historic, devout of any religious or spiritual affiliation, such as a museum or landmark, preservation is always a main priority. The ability to restore or repair historical spaces is paramount for preserving them for future generations.

Adding without subtracting means that any improvements made need to assimlate seamlessly into their existing surroundings, as not to detract from their historical setting. Repairs and restorations are common, but this can also mean modernizing building systems, which adds preservation value by eliminating potential hazards and controlling environments. Adding these modernizations require careful planning and design so they can add without subtracting.

Whether you’ve got a church, synagogue, monastery, historical structure, or another building, it and its design elements are surely one of a kind. Listening to your needs, designing for community context, preserving history, historic materials, while modernizing buildings with systems and technologies is what we’re passionate about.

Housing your flock? your history? Both?

We've worked with many clients to add to, or change, their ecclesiastical footprint, or preserve what's been there for centuries and decades through re-construction and building system upgrades. Tell us what you're passionate about; 610.373.6667 or

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