Facility Condition Assessment

Entech is very familiar with the challenges facing facility managers in overseeing and maintaining the significant assets under their care. Since 1995, Entech has assessed over 100 million square feet of building space, helping clients to meet building management challenges through a unique Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) process.

Employing a dedicated team of experienced engineers, architects, facility analysts, and certified energy managers, we survey current buildings and systems, identify preventive / deferred maintenance issues, and recommend corrective measures, with the potential to identify Energy Conservation Measures in conjunction with an energy audit. We provide inventory / asset collection and barcoding services. Our unique FM-Assistant© Database is then provided to clients, fully populated with all FCA information, and customized to each client’s needs.

For more information on our experience and readiness to respond to unique requirements:

Pennsylvania ITQ Contract No. 08 1366-12S

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Bureau of Engraving and Printing

Bureau of Engraving and Printing - Washington, DC / Fort Worth, Texas
U.S. Department of Treasury - Asset Collection and Barcoding

Asset data collection - recorded in updatable database format
Development of Preventative Maintenance Plans

Library of Congress John Adams Building

Library of Congress John Adams Building - Washington, DC
Architect of the Capitol - ADA Barrier Survey

FM-Assistant© cataloging of building-wide survey
Pilot study identifying over 2,000 barriers

Bausch & Lomb

Bausch & Lomb - North Tampa, Florida
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility - Facility Condition Assessment

Assessment of 175,000 square feet of building space
Development of ten-year plan; 100 projects recommended