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Posted by Entech Engineering on Wednesday, August 05, 2020

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We have a long history of presenting at water and wastewater conferences, sharing our knowledge and expertise not just with clients, but with everyone in the industry. It's part of our culture, and deeply ingrained in our people.

With COVID-19 cancelling in-person conferences this year, we’ve developed a new way to connect: Roundtable Webinars. Our first roundtables on Inflow & Infiltration featured a carefully curated panel of Entech engineers and operators, along with trusted suppliers and contractors. These live events draw questions and comments from viewers throughout the webinar, allowing for a dynamic interaction. It’s the closest thing you’ll find to being together at a conference, and maybe even better - since you get answers and viewpoints from half a dozen experts all at once, and all from the safety and convenience of your home or office.

No slides! No script! No sales pitches! Just frank discussion and stories, LOTS of stories, about what works and what doesn’t from our industry experts.

Past Roundtable recordings are below, so you can keep up to date on anything you missed live all in one place. You can also access our Water & Wastewater Roundtable YouTube playlist if you’re ready to binge, or just need some “on-screen” help pretending you’re working while you daydream about vacation.

Roundtable Recasts:

8/27/2020 | Water Storage Tank Mixing (1:14:58)

Tank mixing is still in its infancy. To help water tank owners, our panel answered questions from our audience like:

How do I know if I need a mixer? What % of water tanks have mixers? What type of permits are needed?
How do you choose between passive or active mixing? Is there a handy-dandy guide to tank mixers? Are there special NSF, AWWA or PA DEP requirements that must be followed? How do you verify your mixer is working? How can temperature probes be used to confirm mixing in a tank? What’s the worse mixer failure you’ve ever heard about? How can mixers be used to help with stricter water quality regulations? How effective is the PHi bubbler system? Why are submittal approvals so important in tank mixing projects?

6/25/2020 | Inflow & Infiltration (I&I): Repairs & Construction (1:12:16)

How do you know whether to repair or replace sewer infrastructure experiencing I&I? When is the best time for a post CCTV inspection? Can I install a CIP liner myself? All this and more discussed and debated by seven industry pros.

6/20/2020 | Rountable Series Preview (2:24)

What is a Roundtable? Why is Entech hosting them? Who killed Jimmy Hoffa? These questions and more are answered. (Ok maybe not the Hoffa one)

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