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Historic buildings and structures are critical components of our built heritage. Even if they're not listed on a historic registry, they contribute to our communities' character and identity. Care and maintenance of these buildings involves very different considerations than those required for newer buildings. Respecting and honoring historic buildings and places involves preserving, maintaining and sometimes adapting them to meet evolving needs. Doing so helps ensure that their legacy and usefulness will remain for generations to come.

When working to renovate or expand your historic buildings and spaces, you are faced with many decisions regarding their preservation and the appropriateness of new construction. These decisions should be made thoughtfully and purposefully. Whether your primary goal is preservation of a structure, improved program functionality, energy performance, aesthetics, or other considerations, we can help you make informed decisions throughout the design and construction process. This informed decision-making enables you to be better stewards of your built heritage.

We strive to provide unparalleled professional architectural consulting services for the planning, preservation and adaptation of historic structures as well as the design of new buildings informed by traditional precedent. 

  • Feasibility studies & programming
  • Condition assessments
  • Code review & compliance
  • Context-sensitive new construction
  • Renovations & adaptive reuse
  • Additions
  • Restorations & reconstruction
  • Historic façade assessments & rehabilitation
  • Survey & documentation
  • Construction specifications, drawings, &


Few organizations have as rich or celebrated a history and tradition as colleges and universities. A key contributor to their campus identity is the aesthetic of their buildings. The need to constantly adapt these buildings to changing user needs can sometimes threaten the character of the campus and it is important that new projects balance the need for change while maintaining a strong campus identity.
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Communities have a wide range of public and private historic buildings that contribute to their sense of place. These buildings include historic homes, churches, museums and commercial buildings. Although diverse in function, each building has a unique history. Caring for them and keeping them well-maintained and sensitively-renovated helps to ensure that their history remains a part of their community.
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Government institutions have some of the most recognized and historic buildings in our country. Ranging from single buildings to entire campuses, these structures are an integral part of the public realm and often carry symbolic and civic significance. Planning for the ongoing maintenance, operation and renovation of these buildings can be complex and requires careful execution.
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