2022 PA Environmental Compliance Calendar

Posted by Tori Morgan on Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Staying on top of environmental regulations can be an overwhelming and arduous task. The numerous regulations, deadlines, and requirements is enough to get anyone’s head spinning. That’s why we’ve developed the Pennsylvania Environmental Compliance Calendar below, to help you understand what is due when, and for what. This calendar is applicable for both industrial and municipal operations. If you are an environmental, health and safety manager or environmental compliance is part of your job as a plant manager, HR manager, engineer, operator, or owner, you’ll want to print out a copy of this calendar for handy reference.

We hope you find it useful, and if you have anything to add, please let us know in the comments below or contact me directly!

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Date Type Deliverable
01/28/2022 Stormwater Semiannual discharge monitoring report
01/28/2022 Stormwater NPDES Individual Stormwater Permit Annual Inspection Report
01/28/2022 Wastewater NPDES PAG-03 Semiannual DMR for July-December Period
01/30/2022 Air Deviation Report – semiannual report of monitoring, deviations, and corrective actions
01/30/2022 Air NSPS – semiannual report of misc. operating data depending on source type (landfill, boiler, etc.)
01/30/2022 Air 1/30 or permit anniversary date - Compliance Certification – annual statement of compliance with TVOP conditions
01/30/2022 Air NESHAP SSM – semiannual report of SSM events, some may be going away
01/31/2022 Wastewater DRBC Annual Effluent Monitoring Report (AEMR)
02/04/2022 Tanks Southeast Region: Annual Tank Registration Fee for PADEP Regulated Storage Tanks
02/19/2022 Residual Waste EPA Annual Report (design flow rate is equal to or greater than one million gallons per day, serves 10,000 people or more, or is required to have an approved pretreatment program (Class I Sludge Management Facility)
03/01/2022 Air Annual Air Emission Inventory AIMS Report – annual report of operating and emissions data
03/01/2022 EPCRA Tier II – annual report of chemical inventory, quantities, and locations
03/01/2022 Residual Waste Biosolids Annual Operating Report (facilities covered by a beneficial use PAGO7 or PAG08 permit)
03/01/2022 Residual Waste 26R Chemical Analysis - Chemical Analysis of waste due annually by anniversary of disposal approval or 3/1
03/01/2022 Residual Waste Biennial Report – PA generator of more than 13 tons of residual waste in even year, due 3/1 of odd numbered years
03/01/2022 Hazardous Waste Biennial Report for LQG – due 3/1 of even numbered years (Form 330-GM)
03/31/2022 Air Greenhous Gas – annual EPA report of GHG emissions
03/31/2022 Water Chapter 110 - Public Water Suppliers - March 31 for the previous year's data
03/31/2022 Water DRBC Annual Water Audit
03/31/2022 IPP Submitted by municipalities with EPA-mandated MIPP
03/31/2022 Wastewater Chapter 94: Municipal wasteload management report
04/01/2022 Water CCR Copy to any purchasing systems
04/04/2022 Tanks Northeast Region: Annual Tank Registration Fee for PADEP Regulated Storage Tanks
05/01/2022 Stormwater Annual Report (PAG-03)
05/01/2022 Stormwater NPDES Annual NOI Fee (PAG-03)
06/04/2022 Tanks Southcentral Region: Annual Tank Registration Fee for PADEP Regulated Storage Tanks
06/30/2022 Water Non Public Water Suppliers: Annual Well Water Withdrawal Report (Chapter 110)
07/01/2022 EPCRA TRI/Form R – annual report of air, water and waste inputs and outputs, larger facilities
07/01/2022 Water CCR- Mail or directly deliver a copy of the CCR to each of their customers by July 1 annually
07/28/2022 Stormwater NPDES PAG-03 Semiannual DMR for January - June period
08/04/2022 Tanks Northcentral Region: Annual Tank Registration Fee for PADEP Regulated Storage Tanks
09/01/2022 Air Annual Title V Emission Fee Calculation and Payment
10/01/2022 Water CCR Certification to PADEP
10/04/2022 Tanks Southwest Region: Annual Tank Registration Fee for PADEP Regulated Storage Tanks
12/04/2022 Tanks Northwest Region: Annual Tank Registration Fee for PADEP Regulated Storage Tanks
12/31/2022 Air Annual Operating Permit Maintenance Fee (All Air Permits)
Annual Stormwater Review/update Stormwater Pollution Plan (SWPPP or PPC) and training
Annual Air Title V Permittee Annual Compliance Report (due 30 days after EDP)
Annual Wastewater NPDES Individual Permit Fee; due on anniversary date of EDP
Every 5 years Residual Waste 25R - Source Reduction Strategy update every 5 years, not submitted, kept on file
Every 5 years Industrial SPCC Plan update
Every 5 years Air Air Quality Permit Renewal (180 days prior to exp.)
Every 5 years Wastewater DRBC Docket Renewal (due 6 months prior to expiration)
Every 5 years Wastewater WQM Permit Renewals (WWTPs Land Disposal due 180 days prior to expiration)
Every 5 years Wastewater Individual NPDES Permit Renewal (180 days prior to exp.)
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