Building & Campus GIS Mapping

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If you’ve got a lot stuff on, above, or below the Earth, you need to know where and what it is. The more you know about your assets, the better you can plan, share, maintain, understand, and utilize them.

Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping ties anything stationary on, above, or below the Earth’s surface to GPS coordinates, so you can view a multitude of information instantly from anywhere with an Internet connection. Layering, color coding, and zooming in and out of maps delivers the information you want in an easily viewable and understandable platform with a few simple clicks.

if you've got it... you can map it!

Buildings & campus
  • Floor plans
  • Offices
  • Rooms & Amenities
  • Departments
  • Pathways / Trails
  • Fields & Parks
  • Monuments
  • Attractions
  • Electrical & Data
  • Water
  • Wastewater
  • Steam/Condensate
  • Manholes
history & actions
  • Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • History
  • Plans

integrate GIS with your other data platforms

The GIS platform can be integrated with other data sources you may have, to give a visual location component to needs or changes happening with anything that is mapped. For example, if you’re sending a technician to a room to fix a maintenance issue, GIS could display information markers for other maintenance items within that room, or display the complete maintenance history for that room, allowing you to make better decisions.


Are you a potable water or wastewater system owner? If so, you may be interested in our water & wastewater mapping services.

Have a vision for GIS?

Great! Next is to develop a plan to implement that vision. Our certified planners and GIS programmers help create a great plan so that all the functionality, accessibility, layering, and grouping is delivered or phased in your customized GIS tool. 610.373.6667 or

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