getting across the finish line

Commissioning of your oil or natural gas facility is often one of the most stressful times of any project. We are here to help. Our engineering approach plans for successful commissioning and startup from the moment the project kicks off. This is facilitated through our ability to be nimble, working with clients to develop priorities for strategy, schedule, and deliverables all with the end goal of a smooth commissioning and startup process in mind.

already in commissioning?

We can help with that too. Oftentimes during commissioning team leaders are pulled so many different ways they are unable to focus proper attention to the main task at hand.

We can insert an experienced industry leader within your team to concentrate on executing the plan and getting your project across the line. If it is documentation that is holding things up, we can provide the manpower to process, organize, and satisfy PSM criteria.

No matter what your specific situation may be, we are ready to get to work for you.

Commissioning Services Include:

Commissioning Specific Deliverables
  • Commissioning Plans
  • Pre-Startup Safety Review (PSSR)
  • Management of Change (MOC)
  • Construction Punch Lists
  • Purge and Pack Plans
  • Outage Schedules
  • Operating Procedures
  • Expedited Procurement
Strategic Management
  • Loop Checks
  • Control Valve Calibration Checks
  • Transmitter Calibration
  • Equipment Startup Assistance
  • Cable Continuity / MEG – OHM Testing
  • Circuit Breaker and Starter Inspection
  • Conduit and Cable Tray Inspection
  • Ground System Testing
  • Motor Run - In

Let’s get this finished

Whether you’re rounding the final turn from a marathon project or a short sprint, finishing means everything. Make sure your facility is set up for success, operating safely, efficiently, and compliantly. We’re here to help you finish strong; finish informed.

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