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You need to be confident that you’re making the right decisions when it comes to the things that you need to work for you. Buildings, campuses, and infrastructures are some of the resources on which we rely to do our jobs and ultimately accomplish our missions. If it’s your job to ensure those resources remain reliable, efficient, and productive, then you undoubtedly face countless decisions as you work to maintain, improve, and grow those assets. Our job is to help you make informed decisions to plan, design, and manage your assets, via our engineering and consulting services.

While our technical capabilities of mechanical, electrical, civil, water, wastewater, environmental, and energy planning and design are diverse, they are not unique to us. What is unique, however, is how we leverage and combine those capabilities with your input and goals, in order to gain a deep understanding of your situation, spurring ideas that might otherwise have been missed. Combining that with our affinity to dig deeper and deliver options that are honest, understandable, and actionable, gives you the power to make informed and confident choices, rather than being dictated solutions.

So, welcome! Take a look around, and get to know us; check out our services, projects, and helpful resources, and let us know if we can help.

Water System Master Plan

Town of North East, MD photo

Town of North East, MD North East, MD


The Buzz:

  • 12/2/2022
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    Electrical Arc Flash: Protect People; Reduce Risk by Nick Bloom, PE

    What is arc flash? How do you protect yourself, your people, and your organiztion from its dangers and liability?

  • 11/15/2022
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    Power System Studies

    A new webpage detailing our electrical power system studes has been lauched. Learn more about arc flash, coordination, and short-circuit studies.

  • 10/28/2022
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    Entech Welcomes Chris Cope

    Chris Cope joined our team as a Project Manager. Chris brings nearly 30 years of experience in...

  • 10/24/2022
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    9 New Project Profiles Added

    We've been hard at work and have added 9 new projects. Visit our project gallery and see what we've been up to in water, wastewater, natural gas, and MEP.

  • 10/18/2022
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    Gunsaullus Receives Award

    The Water Works Operators’ Association of Pennsylvania (WWOAP) awarded the 2022 Ivan M. Glace Award to Christine Gunsaullus...

  • 10/10/2022
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    New Funding Successes and Information

    Want to see how much funding has been awarded near you? Check out our new interactive page...

  • 9/20/2022
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    Entech Welcomes New President

    We are pleased to announce that Robert (Bob) Weir, PE has been named as the next president of Entech Enginnering...

  • 9/6/2022
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    Is Your Campus A Master Meter Operator? by Ben Klopp, PE

    If you distribute natural gas amongst multiple buildings or users within a defined area, you may qualify. Master Meter System Operators have recordkeeping and reporting requirements that can blindside owners and lead to fines...

  • 8/31/2022
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    Is It Time to Build? What the CCI Tells Us by Ed Pietroski, PE

    With inflation, COVID, material shortages, and coutless other factors it certainly doesn't feel like a great time to build. I dive into the ENR's Construction Cost Index to...

  • 8/31/2022
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    9 Tips for SPCC Planning in 2022 by Jasen Book

    The EPA's Spill Prevention, Control, & Countermeasure (SPCC) regs. began 50 years ago, but many are still...

  • 8/12/2022
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    Killian Promoted to Business Unit Director

    We are pleased to announce the recent promotion of Bryon Killian to Business Unit Director for Entech's Civil Environmental Resource Group...