Facility Condition Assessment (FCA)

Your buildings are key assets that support your work and mission, and they demand resources and capital investment to remain valuable assets. Budgeting and funding decisions for your facilities can be challenging, wrought with misinformation and misunderstanding, but they don’t have to be! With the right data and analysis, confident and informed decisions can be made for both the short- and long-term, extending the useful lives of your building systems and eliminating liabilities from your balance sheets.

A traditional FCA provides a snapshot of a facility's condition at a given moment in time by providing an asset list and standard benchmarking metrics that profile facilities based on peer group expenditures; a standard static report is delivered as the end product.

Our FCA delivers so much more!

As a leader in the FCA industry, we have fostered a methodology that recognizes the uniqueness of each client, from diverse asset portfolios to complex organizational and decision-making structures. We customize our product and service to deliver the tools YOU need to guide you in making informed decisions about your life cycle strategic planning, budgeting, and costing of ongoing maintenance programs and major capital financial expenditures. Our professional engineers and architects oversee the project from start to finish, gaining deep knowledge of your structures and personally providing analyses that go far beyond the industry standard condition assessment.


From pilot analyses and getting stakeholder buy-in to delivering final presentations for end-users and decision-makers, we partner with you to develop a customized process that fits your organization’s unique operational and decision-making structure.


An asset is just a piece of the puzzle, and an asset condition report only tells a part of the story. We step back and look at your entire building and campus systems, including those that are non-visible, to help you understand how the data fits into the bigger framework of your facilities operation.


Without context, metrics live in a vacuum, so we do not just provide you with a list of industry benchmarks to tell you that your assets are in ‘good’ or ‘poor’ condition. There are countless factors that contribute to a building’s or system’s condition rating that need to be considered. We analyze your data and align it with our collective insight about your systems to understand which metrics give you the information you actually need to make decisions and why.


Our report is not a static document. It is live software with real-time analytic outputs that can be generated as needed to provide relevant information at each stage of planning and project implementation, from high-level reports of multi-year funding plans to overall building, individual system, and specific project reports.  We provide database training to ensure your team knows how to update and extract the data and metrics you need, and we can support your operations with data scrubs and re-assessments to keep your data up to date in the long-term.

Next Steps

After the final report delivery, we want to help you to get the knowledge you now have at your fingertips into the hands of those decision-makers who can help you put your plans into action. We will walk beside you in preparing and delivering purposeful and digestible presentations to stakeholders at the building, campus, and organization-wide levels.

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