Waste & Hazardous Materials

Chemicals used in production and operations can be harmful to our environment and communities if accidents or unplanned events occur. Likewise hazardous, residual, and municipal wastes generated from operations require special environmental considerations for disposal.

For these reasons the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state departments of environmental protection require a variety of permitting, planning, and reporting for materials and wastes determined as hazardous.

If your operations use or store hazardous materials and/or generates hazardous, residual, or municipal waste, you need to understand your regulatory obligations to safely handle these materials and avoid regulatory enforcement penalties. We’re here to keep you informed and compliant with environmental evaluations, planning, reporting, and testing services.

Environmental hazardous materials and waste services include:

  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Spill Prevention, Control, &
  • Countermeasures (SPCC)
  • Preparedness, Prevention, &
  • Contingency (PPC)
  • Spill, Prevention Response (SPR)
  • Sludge Discharge Control Plans
  • Community Right to Know Reporting
  • Waste Permitting
  • Coordination of Radiation Safety
  • Coordination of Lead & Asbestos Surveys
  • Storage Tank Permitting

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