Space Utilization

know what you have and how you use it

The spaces in your buildings should serve and support you in carrying out your job and mission. Unfortunately, spaces often can have the opposite effect; not only might they be inefficient in their layout or use, but they can also drain you of time and energy as you find yourself and your budget constantly serving and supporting them to keep them functioning. People work, and in some cases, live in these spaces that take resources to build, heat, cool, power, and maintain. When you have a lot of them, it’s easy to see why making sure you are using them efficiently is important.

Whether you’re ready to build, ready to sell, or just built and are already out of space, having an objective space inventory will help you make more informed decisions to manage your spaces efficiently and ensure your space allocation is supporting your master plan or vision for the future.

Space utilization reports can take many forms, depending on your needs from static floor plans and reports to integrated, interactive GIS maps. No matter the output, site surveys, interviews, and occupancy schedules are all obtained, and calculations are made so you can see which spaces are underutilized, over/undersized, and discontinuous. Projections can be integrated to see what your spatial needs will be next year and next decade.

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