Campus FCA & Space Utilization

University of the Sciences Philadelphia, PA



As the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia (USP) experienced some strategic changes with new personnel in both their senior administration and facilities maintenance departments, they found themselves challenged with a variety of facility and campus information deficits, in both pre-existing and current conditions. In order to align and optimize their facilities with their mission and direction they needed to collect, manage and interpret information for their campus and prioritize actions to properly budget for and maximize project impacts on their campus.

We performed a facility condition assessment (FCA) and space utilization planning for USP’s campus buildings, which nearly total 1 million square feet. The 25 acre campus houses both modern and historic structures, such as Griffith Hall and Rosenberger Hall, a historic renovation of the original neighborhood firehouse in Clark Park.

Solution Details

Facility Condition Assessment
The FCA provided prioritized project lists for deferred maintenance, capital renewal, and capital improvement projects, allowing USP to get an immediate understanding of their campus’ current condition and future needs to create 10 year facilities budget projections. Furthermore database reporting on project progress and facility and campus conditions give USP real-time information they can use in a multitude of ways to make more informed decisions both now and into the future.

Space Utilization
The space utilization updated all of USP’s floor plans, and departmental usages for the spaces. This allows them to easily view and recognize spatial discontinuities, and departmental disparities in actual size versus mission and academic planning goals.

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1,000,000 sq.ft. of buildings assessed

25 acre campus