Municipal Engineering

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As a municipal official you’re constantly planning or doing projects to serve your constituents. However, there is never enough funding available, Therefore, stretching each dollar through great planning, efficiencies, savings, conservation and resource management is paramount to guide your town into the future.

We help you make more informed decisions through engineering planning and design, consulting, and architectural services. Understanding your challenges and unique situation through listening and attending meetings, we provide honest and understandable solution options based that incorporate your ideas so you can make your choice and be confident in it’s the best solution for your community.

Serving as the municipal engineer for many municipalities throughout the Commonwealth, we’ve provided countless municipal infrastructure and civil design, planning, and consulting services as well as environmental and building and facility MEP, energy, and architectural services. Diligently following funding opportunities that exist through government grants and loan programs helps our municipal clients get funding for their projects.

municipal services include:

  • Zoning
  • Ordinances
  • GIS Mapping


That's a lot of grant and low-interest loan money that we've helped our municipal clients secure for their projects. Contact us and let's find your funding!

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