Sidewalk and Curb Replacement

Borough of Ashland Ashland, PA



Overview: We were selected to prepare a design to complete the second phase of the Borough of Ashland’s streetscape improvements along Centre Street. This phase of the project included two city blocks of sidewalks that were also outfitted with American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant handicapped ramps.

Solution Details

Centre Street has a rather steep grade to it, which proved to be a key factor/challenge when designing the proposed grade of the curbs and sidewalk. Areas of the existing sidewalk were also out of compliance with current ADA standards. Therefore, we had to complete a design that would bring the sidewalk into compliance with these standards. This involved the widening of the sidewalk, removal of obstructions within the sidewalk, and the relocation of stormwater inlets. This project also required permits from PennDOT since Centre Street is also Pennsylvania State Route 61. We coordinated with PennDOT to complete a design of the ADA ramps, as well as the improvement of sight distance for vehicles entering Centre Street from the intersecting streets.

We completed the design of the Centre Street Curb and Sidewalk Replacement Project that included a total of eight ADA ramps along the state highway, as well as the relocation of several stormwater inlets to comply with ADA standards. A detailed grading design of the proposed sidewalk also had to be completed to meet the current standards.

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8 ADA compliant ramps

2 city blocks