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Current and historical land use developments have the potential to adversely affect the subsurface soils and groundwater of a property. Various operations, from retail auto service and refueling activities to heavy industrial manufacturing, have been identified as frequent contributing sources of contamination to the soil and groundwater. Contamination is typically from the improper handling and storage of chemicals and petroleum products allowing them to penetrate the subsurface.

Contaminated soil and groundwater can present a human health risk via several routes, including direct inhalation or ingestion by humans or through inhalation of soil vapors. In order to determine the potential risk of soil and groundwater contamination, and to qualify for the Landowner Liability Protections under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA), an all appropriate inquiry into the past or present uses of a property to determine whether it has been negatively impacted is necessary.

Whether you are purchasing a property, expanding operations, remediating a site, or seeking Landowner Liability Protections under CERCLA, an environmental site assessment and subsurface investigation will identify any contamination and allow you to make a more informed decision on how to proceed with your site.

environmental ground & soil services include: 

  • Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)
  • Subsurface investigations
  • Brownfield studies
  • Soil classification
  • Remediation consulting
  • Pennsylvania Act 2


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