Utility Planning

plans change; so can your utilities

Changing goals, evolving conditions, technology, and industry trends impact your building and campus utility systems. They may need to be modified to meet new demands of program growth, have components reaching the end of their useful life, or may be consuming excess energy that's increasing your operating costs and emissions outputs. Our Utility Planning services give you the tools to analyze long-term strategic options for your systems and to communicate potential solutions and associated financial data to stakeholders.

utility planning is very different from design engineering

  • Existing systems can be extremely complex, and numerous competing factors can contribute to life expectancy, declining efficiency, and breakdown potential;
  • Long-term effects of potential system modifications or upgrades can be multifaceted; and
  • Viability and return on investment of available remedial/upgrade options can be difficult to predict and interpret.

Explore how our Utility Planning services can support you in making informed decisions as you seek to preserve and improve your capital investments over the short and long term:

utility condition assessment  utility master planning

Looking for design? We offer central utility design as well.

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