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The wastewater systems that collect, treat, and discharge our wastewater are critical to our towns, cities, and municipalities, even though they go often unnoticed by their inhabitants. Frankly, we’re happy they go unnoticed by most, because that means they are working and taken for granted.

Although ignored by most, that does not mean all. Municipalities, authorities, owners, operators, and regulatory agencies pay very much attention to these systems and plants, because along with providing a critical basic sanitation service, they consume taxpayer resources and impact our natural environment as millions of gallons of wastewater come into and leave the system daily.

We also pay attention. Our engineers, environmental scientists, and designers are passionate about wastewater plants and systems and their efficiency and reliability. We couple our passion, knowledge, and experience with owner and operator input; empowering you to make informed decisions with confidence about your wastewater system.

Whether the project is large or small, involving collection, treatment, pumping, compliance, reporting, operations, or a new facility or upgrade, we’ve been there and can help you solve the wastewater problem at hand.

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