Wastewater Collection & Conveyance

getting less attention than the middle child

The underground pipe and pump networks that collect and transport wastewater from generation sources to your treatment plant is an invaluable asset; although, this system always isn’t treated like one. Sandwiched out of sight between the more demanding siblings, the treatment plant and customers, it routinely takes a back seat when it comes to the owner’s attention, making it the proverbial middle child.

It’s important to pay attention to your collection system, although it will rarely act out for it. A little attention can go a long way, especially when you consider that as much or more money gets invested in your collection system as in your plant. Plus, any issues in collection and conveyance, will affect your downstream operations at your plant. Inflow & Infiltration (I&I) and illegal system hook-ups from stormwater and sump pumps lead to increased flows, uncontrolled overflows, system back-ups, permit violations, and ultimately, shorten the capacity lifespan of your treatment plant.

When properly designed and installed, collection systems can last for decades. So when it’s time for system repairs, rehabilitations, replacements, or expansion, careful planning needs to occur to insure they are done right the first time. To understand your system, simply reviewing existing documentation, which is normally fragmented, disjointed, or non-existent, is not enough. Staff discussions and interviews are critical for us to truly understand your system and be able to help guide you through your collection and conveyance project.

From gravity and low-pressure sewer systems (LPSS) to pump stations, we’re here to help you make more informed decisions throughout planning, mapping, design, permitting, maintenance, construction, and operations.

wastewater collection and conveyance engineering, planning, and design services include:

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Every system is unique to the topography and geology that binds it. We’d love to hear about yours.

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