Compressor Stations

stations; designed to optimize flow

Natural gas compression is a critical component of any natural gas network. Whether your application is upstream at the well pad, midstream at your process facility, a prime mover in your transmission system, or a fuel gas booster for your power plant, compression is what moves your product. We work with you to develop a compression plan and design that yields the performance and flexibility needed for your application. Understanding your situation and analyzing and presenting options, allows you to make the most informed decision possible to achieve your goals.

Extensive experience in hydraulic pipeline modeling, and understanding of the implications of system pressure and flow over time, are just a few reasons to make us your first call when developing your compression plans. We have the engineers and specialists to handle electrical power needs, air emissions regulations, and noise restrictions, allowing us to see the whole picture, so no potential project hurdles are missed in planning. In addition, we will provide services in process design, piping, controls, equipment specifications, site planning/development, and project management in any combination that best supports your project structure.

Our goal is to work with our clients to understand the root of their compression needs, the systems and infrastructure that will accomplish their goals, and help them make informed decisions while compiling and executing a strategic compression plan to deliver the best solution and result for the project.

compressor station services include:

  • Front end engineering design analysis
  • Pipeline analysis for compression siting
  • Site & grading plans
  • Phased station process design & cost analysis
  • Station automation and controls, SCADA
  • Gas/flame detection, ESD
  • Gas dehydration
  • Filtration/separation & on-site storage
  • Pressure/flow regulation
  • Hydrotest, purge & blow-down plans
  • Pig launcher/receiver design
  • As-built & test data sheet development
  • Cathodic protection & grounding
  • Electrical service coordination & emergency power design
  • Engine & dehydration unit air quality permitting
  • Commissioning

Under Pressure?

Fear not, we’re here to help relieve your pressure by creating system pressures to get and keep your gas flowing, safely, reliably, & efficiently, from design through construction. 

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