Campus Central Utilities Design

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When your utility master plan recommends centralizing your heating, cooling, or domestic water, or you need to upgrade or replace existing systems, there are many options to explore.

A good study will analyze distributed and centralized options, fuel types, capacities, emissions, operations and maintenance, life cycle costs, and your organizational goals. We provide you with central utilities design options that will provide a clear direction for the future and invest your assets wisely for continued savings, reliability, and capacity.

We have designed and improved upon many central utility plants, including cogeneration systems, which have been able to meet and exceed the projected savings.

  • Hot Water / Steam
  • Natural gas
  • Biomass
  • Oil
  • Electric
  • Coal
  • Cogeneration and Combined Heat & Power (CHP)
  • Central chillers
  • Centifugal
  • Screw
  • Packaged units
  • Absorption units
  • Thermal storage systems
  • Cooling towers
  • Domestic water storage tanks
  • Sanitary & stormwater collection and conveyance

Are you looking to plan for the future of your campus utilities? We'll help you make more informed decisions with our utility master planning services.

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