Oil & Gas Infrastructure

making connections; Marcellus & beyond

The discovery, extraction, transportation, and processing of natural gas in the Marcellus and Utica Shale plays and domestic oil production is revitalizing the U.S. economy and our quest for energy independence. Building, connecting, and maintaining the oil and natural gas infrastructure to get this product to market, is a never-ending task.

There are a lot of challenges to overcome, including: permitting, landowner agreements, pipeline routing, rights-of-way, and many more, to meet tight construction schedules. Utilizing our oil and natural gas engineering and environmental prowess, we have been helping to make connections between the upstream, midstream, and transmission industries with design and permitting of well and facility pads, compressor, metering, and regulating stations, pipelines, water and brine management systems, and support facilities

renewable natural gas

Technological advancements and Federal/State subsidies have made Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) or biogas a viable energy option, turning a waste stream, like landfill gases, into a sustainable fuel source.  

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