Wet Gas Pipeline Network

Confidential Natural Gas Client Western, PA



We were selected as the lead engineer to design approximately 66 miles of high pressure wet gas pipeline to collect and transport wet gas from upstream production facilities to a newly-constructed Cryogenic processing plant. The 12, 20, and 24-inch pipeline network, which consisted of wet gas gathering, Natural Gas Liquid (NGL), and residue gas, needed to handle more than 600 MMSCFD of Marcellus production.

During construction, 20 miles of 20-inch gathering pipeline was repurposed for use as a Y-Grade pipeline to transport extracted NGL to the fractionation plant downstream for further separation of the heavier hydrocarbons. Additionally, a five mile residue gas sales line, terminates at two POD custody transfer metering and regulating (M&R) stations.

Solution Details

We developed pipeline material specifications, alignment routing, construction bid drawings, and performed permitting services for the client. The alignment was assessed for pipe class and High Consequence Area (HCA) classifications, and designed according to hydraulic modeling to develop an acceptable project plan.

Due to several natural and man-made obstacles, we successfully designed and permitted nearly 30,000 feet of Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) pipeline borings. Most notable of these borings was a 4,000 foot, 24-inch compound HDD designed to acceptably, pass through or around, a town, cemetery, lake, bald eagle’s nest, railroad, river, and cultural resource area.

This pipeline network project highlights the importance of experience and flexibility within a project team. We were able to respond to the dynamic needs of the client in real-time, to provide comprehensive solution options, to help the client make informed and confident decisions quickly, as their situation evolved. The client now has a pipeline network that will deliver product to processing and downstream outlets safely and reliably.

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66 mile pipeline network design

7 mainline valve stations

18 HDD crossings

29,900 feet of HDD borings