Meter Gate Station Audits & Design

Confidential Client Various Counties, WV



A natural gas distribution client owns and operates many aging metering gate stations in West Virginia. We were contracted for a multi-year program to document and assess the condition of these stations and provide repair projects and cost estimates to allow the client to budget and maintain these infrastructure facilities. During the assessments, it became evident that many of the stations were in such degraded states, that redesign and replacement of most of the stations was a more cost-effective and beneficial alternative for the client.

Solution Details

Initial duties included on-site analysis, audit reporting, and client collaboration in identifying improvements. The next significant undertaking was designing improvements requiring IFB/IFC detailed plans, LOD mapping, customer specified DOT-checklist, material requisitions, material inspections, field oversight, and project closeout. On-site inspections entailed: pipeline markers, identification signs, contact lists, valve tags, electrical equipment, pipeline integrity, cathodic protection, MAOP / Over-Pressure Protection tags, relief valves, and inspection monitoring system. On-site documentation and drawings included, material certifications, pressure test documentation, and as-builts.

Construction supervision duties included materials and manufactured skid inspections, developing requisitions, initiating property owner notifications, monitoring construction activities, insuring work quality, preparing outage plans and notifications, and completing all necessary checklists and paperwork.

With the metering station upgrades, the client can now be more confident in the accuracy of the metering readings and the safety and reliability of the stations, while making more informed decisions to budget for, and schedule, future maintenance and upgrade projects for the stations.

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42 station audits completed

8 stations re-designed + construction supervision