Treasure Lake WWTP Consolidation & Upgrades

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Treasure Lake is a semi-private resort and residential community in western Pennsylvania. The community’s wastewater treatment system was comprised of two wastewater treatment plants, serving more than 2,200 customers. The East Plant, rated at 0.74 mgd and built in the early 1970s, was in poor condition and had outlived its useful life and needed replacement. The West Plant, constructed in 2003, was rated at 0.5 mgd, but had a 1.0 mgd NPDES Permit. Both plants discharged into the Narrows Creek.

Entech completed a feasibility study, providing four options for consideration (see alternatives below). Converting the East Plant to a Pump Station and expanding the West Plant with an aeration tank and clarifiers was selected. Since a discharge site was being abandoned, PADEP required that an Act 537 Plan Amendment be completed. The plan amendment took future growth of Treasure Lake into consideration as well as the potential needs of the surrounding township.

Solution Details

The $7.4 million wastewater treatment plant upgrade included expanding the West Plant to consolidate all treatment one location. The old East Plant, which was no longer needed, was demolished and replaced with a 1,600 gpm pump station that transfers all flow to the newly upgraded West plant through a new 2,250 lf 10-inch force main. A 150,000 gallon equalization tank was also constructed on the East site.

Upgrades to the West Plant included the following:

  • New splitter box
  • Demolition of existing UV building and post-aeration manhole
  • Construction of a new treatment reactor
  • Installation of three new blowers in the existing control building
  • Construction of new UV building which also houses a post-aeration blower
  • Conversion of existing effluent pump station into a post-aeration tank
  • Construction of two new sludge holding tanks
  • Rerouting of sludge piping
  • Control building addition including a magnesium hydroxide feed system
  • Installation of new controls and SCADA system

In addition, the west plant was retrofitted with new treatment process systems for the water discharged from the new plant, improving the water quality in Narrows Creek. The upgraded Treasure Lake West Wastewater Treatment Plant now has a permitted and rated capacity of 1.0 mgd.

Entech provided design, permitting, bidding and services during construction (engineering and construction observation) for the project which included all related piping, site work and restoration.

The wastewater treatment plant upgrade/consolidation ensures that the residents of Treasure Lake and surrounding municipalities will have reliable and adequate treatment capacity for years to come.

Study Alternatives
Renovate East WWTF and improve pumping capacity at the West WWTF
Convert East WWTF to pump station and convert West to a Biological Membrane Reactor (MBR) Plant
Convert East WWTF to a pump station and utilize ballasted floc at the West WWTF
Convert East WWTF to a pump station and expand the West WWTF with an aeration tank and clarifier
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$7.4M reconstruction and upgrade

2,250 lf of 10-inch force main

150,000 gallon equalization tank

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