How to Implement a GIS Program on the Modern Campus - Webinar On Demand

Posted by Katie O'Regan on Wednesday, July 1, 2020

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My colleague, Leo Scott, Jr., AICP, and I hosted a webinar to discuss how GIS can help colleges and universities tackle the challenges presented by rapidly evolving campuses and pedagogy. We covered the basics of GIS, possible applications, and how to plan your project to avoid common pitfalls. Four case studies highlight different data collection and output methodologies that can be scaled to fit any campus size or budget.

Webinar Description
Many institutions are centuries old, and that complex history is embedded in campus facilities and utilities. As schools continue to evolve and staff departs, so does the vast amount of knowledge about the complex systems that support their mission. Many colleges and universities are looking for tools to help manage their facilities and integrate a wealth of data. For some, it is documenting what they have and where it’s located. For others, it is parsing out and analyzing asset data to help build campus master plans.

Geographic Information System (GIS) offers an effective tool to capture data from a variety of sources and tie it to interior and exterior space assets through familiar building plan images. The presentation of information allows users to view spatial data at a macro level as a campus plan, or focus on individual buildings and their internal details.

The webinar will walk the attendees through the following:

  • Overview of GIS
  • GIS concepts and applications
  • 4 case studies
  • Things to consider
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