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Posted by Christine Gunsaullus on Monday, January 6, 2020

Here at Entech, we believe that communicating clearly and effectively is critical to helping our clients. For us, the engineering part is easy, governed by math, science, rules and law, whereas communication is rarely so black and white. Having an idea or important information to share is worthless if you cannot clearly communicate it, so we’ve made being powerful communicators a core skill that we work to continually improve upon.

We present at industry events and conferences dozens of times each year, and recently amped up our presentation skills through this talk, “What’s Your Story? Presentations That Make an Impact”. I crafted it for the Pennsylvania Municipal Authority Association (PMAA) Women, Innovation, and Networking (WIN) Conference, and also presented it in-house. It addresses four key aspects of talks: the psychological side, body language, the slides, and the room.

Two to Tango…

It takes at least two to communicate - a speaker and a listener (or audience). When I first started presenting 20 years ago, in my excitement to talk about what I thought was important, I neglected to focus on my audience and what information would be most important to them.

Public speaking, when done well, is a magical way to connect with an audience. It is an opportunity to teach, share experiences, change minds, and inspire. But it is also fraught with aspects that can bother your audience, or worse, cause them to tune you out, so it’s critical to understand which elements of your presentation style delight your audience.

Once you become aware of these, your talks will never be the same. We hope this talk on great talks inspires you to make your presentations even better.

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