PRWA All-Stars: Presenting & Representing

Posted by Entech Engineering on Friday, August 20, 2021

PRWA All-Stars

We’re excited that the Pennsylvania Rural Water Association’s Annual Conference (PRWA) is back for 2021, live and in-person. 

Our all-stars are ready to take the field, with six presentations. No rookies in this deck, but stop by our booth (#40) or attend a presentation to get your favorite player’s card(s). Collect them all, trade them with your friends – they are sure to be valuable collectors’ items in the years to come! Oh and don’t forget to ask for autographs!

Below you'll find our presentation line-up, and the full conference schedule is also available.

Entech's Presentation Schedule

PRWA Annual Conference | August 24-26 | State College, PA

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Energy Efficiency in Water & Wastewater

9-12:30p | Room 107 | Ed Pietroski, PE

Operators will learn how to identify what equipment uses energy, how much energy and when that energy is used and how to benchmark the current energy use to quantify savings and how to access Utility Company Database information from smart-meters. Earn 3 W & WW CH.

Ed Pietroski Photo

Pumping Station Design: What Every Operator Should Know

1:30-5p | Room 109 | Chris Hannum, PE

This class will go through the planning and regulations pertaining to the design of a pumping station. The class will focus on the most common type of pumping station, duplex submersible. Key elements will discuss basic flow requirements, pumping capacities, wet-well design and controls. Earn 3 WW CH.

Chris Hannum Photo

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Solutions for Solving Inflow and Infiltration (I&I)

1:30-5p | Room 106 | Bryon Killian, PE & William Fridah, PE (USG)

An improperly maintained collection system can add unnecessary costs to a community’s wastewater customers. A collection system operator needs to know how to identify the problem areas, how to detect I & I and how to repair those problems once found. This course is designed to help collection system operators solve the costly problems associated with I & I. Earn 3 WW CH.

Bryon Killian Photo

Nutrient Removal Processes in Wastewater Treatment

1:30-5p | Room 104 | Chris Hannum, PE

This class will give an introduction to nitrogen and phosphorus removal within wastewater and will identify several treatment processes designed to remove nitrogen and phosphorus. This class will also provide a general understanding of the instrumentation used in biological nutrient removal (BNR) processes and will cover troubleshooting BNR processes. Earn 3 WW CH.

Chris Hannum Photo

Thursday, August 26, 2021

How Do I Run This DAMN BNR Plant My Engineer Just Designed

8-11:30a | Room 107 | Ed Pietroski, PE

This course will help operators understand control parameters to operate an Activated Sludge Process plant designed for Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR). The course will be specifically geared to making the operator understand the dayto-day adjustments of running a BNR plant. Theory be damned. Earn 3 WW CH.

Ed Pietroski Photo

All Mixed Up - Tank Mixing, Rehab, and Inspection

1:30-5p | Room 107 | Christine Gunsaullus, EIT

Regular inspections keep small problems from becoming big, costly repairs. Methods covered include drones. Tips on rehabilitation and mixers will be reviewed. Earn 3 W & WW CH.

Christine Gunsaullus Photo

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