Pump Station Design 101

Posted by Chris Hannum on Thursday, November 9, 2017

Wastewater Pump Station Design 101

We have a long tradition of being “operator-centric” here at Entech. That means that our projects incorporate the needs and desires of our end-users: the men and women operating water and wastewater systems. We understand that their opinions are critical in developing a new facility or retrofitting an existing one. Their input leads to a design that is “fit-for-purpose.”

However, I’ve heard from many operators, who have never had opportunities or enough understanding to express their needs, and became frustrated with the end product. That’s one of the reasons I developed and shared a new presentation at the 2017 PA Rural Water Conference, “Pumping Station Design for Operators.”

By knowing the wastewater pump station terminology, understanding the options available, knowing what is important, and where they can have input, operators can effectively collaborate in the design process, resulting in better designs.

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The presentation aims to answer questions like:

  • What concerns get addressed during the design process?
  • How can an operator contribute to the design?
  • What understanding, history and knowledge of the system is not being recognized by my Engineer?
  • What is Static Head? What is Total Dynamic Head?
  • How is pump friction loss calculated?
  • What information do I get from the pump curve?
  • What are the PADEP design requirements?
  • What are the standard pump station control options?

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