“Entech truly understands I&I projects and produces clear and well defined contract documents, that give us a true ‘apples to apples’ comparison and allows us to aggressively to bid our projects.” ~ President, Utility Services Group
“Within the last several years, Entech has assisted in securing over $11.5M to upgrade our collection system, including a $6.8M grant, through various funding agencies.” ~ Authority Member, Central Wayne Regional Authority
“Entech has helped the borough develop and navigate a system-wide home inspection program, with over 1,200 connections, which has reduced our 3-month maximum flow rate by over 150,000 gpd.” ~ Borough Manager, Borough of Orwigsburg
“Entech demonstrated their flexibility and resourcefulness in successfully achieving approval of the city planning commission for zoning variances in two major projects. The degree of complexity of land development required an in-depth knowledge of the city, county and state requirements.” ~ Corporate Engineering Manager, Interstate Resources, Inc.
“The ability of Entech to listen to the customer has been vital to our collective success of the past years, especially when we had an issue that needed to be addressed. The solution was one which always had the customer being the focus of the outcome.” ~ Director Environment / Energy, Confidential Baking Company
“Entech has been a strategic partner that has enabled us to become the leader in our industry in environmental and energy affairs.” ~ Director Environment / Energy, Confidential Baking Company
“I commend Entech on your dedication to customer service, as you have been there each step of the way and have worked tirelessly to meet our goals.” ~ Director, Office of the Architect of the Capitol
“We have enjoyed an excellent relationship with Entech and we know that we can count on your professionalism on any project we need completed.” ~ Director, Office of the Architect of the Capitol
“It has been a pleasure working with your entire staff, you have been very accommodating in completing our requests within our time and budget constraints.” ~ Director, Office of the Architect of the Capitol
“Entech has been most helpful with your guidance and engineering expertise related to our campus chilled water system. Your engineers and designers demonstrate an understanding of both the technical and economic aspects of implementing utility projects successfully.” ~ Project Engineer, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
“Your expertise is extremely helpful in guiding us through many different issues that occur daily with various on-going issues and concerns.” ~ Tunnel Team Design Mgr., The Architect of the Capitol
“We have been very pleased by the knowledge, experience, and capabilities of Entech’s personnel. They pay attention to detail and listen to the needs of our staff.” ~ Senior Area Manager, Severn Trent Services
“I have worked with Entech for many years and they consistently meet or exceed our expectations for the engineering and environmental services they provide us.” ~ Chairman, Lititz Sewer Authority
“I believe the strength of Entech lies in their personnel. They are personal, capable, responsive, and technically competent. They pay attention to detail, produce high quality work, and listen to our needs.” ~ Chairman, Lititz Sewer Authority
“It is rare to find a team of such competent professionals with this high level of character and dedication.” ~ President & CEO, Good Shepherd Center
“You have gone beyond our expectations in our comprehensive facilities audit. Your willingness and efforts to do additional due diligence to a much greater extent than our contract called for is very much appreciated.” ~ President & CEO, Good Shepherd Center
“Entech has provided us with a product for making informed future facilities capital planning and maintenance budgeting decisions.” ~ Manager of Facilities, Institute for Advanced Study
“The Entech staff was knowledgeable, experienced, professional, and always accessible. During their on-site visits they adjusted their schedules as required to accommodate our varied campus activity calendars.” ~ Manager of Facilities, Institute for Advanced Study
“At every phase of the project, from the kick-off meeting through delivery of the final report, your team kept us informed and engaged to ensure a successful outcome.” ~ Executive Director of Facilities, Sussex County Community College
“The objective and detailed documentation of DM, CI, CC, and CR projects is considerable value supporting our requests for funding.” ~ Dir. of Facilities Engineering & Operations, Ocean County College
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