Level 3 Energy Audit

Architect of the Capitol Dirksen Senate Bldg. | Washington, DC



15 recommended ECM and O&M projects were developed for the Dirksen Senate Office Building through a Level 3 Energy Audit process. The assessment encompassed 10 floors and over 720,000 square feet of building space. The audit included photo documentation, HVAC zone documentation, lighting modeling, water use modeling, building simulation, and life cycle cost analysis.

The estimated cost to implement the recommended projects was $11 million with an associated savings of $1.4 million annually. The majority of the HVAC savings were associated with computer closet control upgrades and conversion to VAV with DDC controls. High energy costs were attributed to older controls that created a large degree of simultaneous heating and cooling.

recommended ECMs & O&M
  • Occupancy Sensor Installations in Committee Rooms
  • Metal Halide to High Eff. T8 Fixture Replacement
  • Incandescent to CF Bulb Conversion
  • Occupancy Sensor Installations in Storage Areas
  • T12 to High Eff. T8 Fluorescent Fixture Conversion
  • T8 to High Eff. T8 Fluorescent Lamp Conversion
  • Computer Closet Control Upgrades
  • Vestibule Heating Unit Control
  • Steam Trap Repairs and Monitoring
  • Constant Volume Conversion to VAV with DDC
  • Removable Insulation Cover Installation
  • Kitchen Sink Modifications
  • VFD Installation on Hot Water Pumps
Recommended O&M
  • Drinking Water System Cooling Shutdown
  • Server Room Fan Coil Control
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$1.4M annual savings

15 energy projects