Level 3 Energy Audit

Architect of the Capitol Jefferson Library | Washington, DC



Our assessment encompassed over 684,000 square feet of building space. The audit included photo documentation, HVAC zone documentation, lighting modeling, water use modeling, building simulation, and life cycle cost analysis.

Multiple opportunities were identified to significantly reduce energy use in the Thomas Jefferson Library of Congress Building. The most significant energy savings opportunity was associated with the installation of a new digital control system, to correct and improve many of the existing deficiencies with the existing pneumatic control system that are attributing to poor control of the building. A project was developed as an incremental ECM to replace the existing induction units with a two-pipe fan coil system. This project was recommended when the existing induction system was scheduled to be replaced. At the time of replacement, the net present value was based on the difference in price between the existing system and the upgraded fan coil system and resulted in increased energy savings for the building.

recommended ECMs & O&M
  • Lighting Occupancy and Daylighting Sensors
  • Local Switches for Reading Desk Lights
  • Incandescent Lighting Conversion to CFLs
  • Outdoor Incandescent Lighting Replacement
  • Reading Room Dome Lighting Conversion to MH
  • Great Hall Skylight Lighting Conversion
  • Pneumatic Control Replaced w/ DDC System
  • Steam & Chilled Water Metering w/ Real Time Display
  • Steam Trap Repairs and Monitoring
  • Air Handling Unit Economizer Repairs
  • Front Fountain Filter System
Recommended O&M
  • Unit Heater Control Valve Replacements
  • Low-Flow Faucets and Shower Heads
  • Fume Hood Modification
  • Flush Valve Flow Reductions
  • Steam Pipe Insulation Improvements
  • Stack Lighting Timer Replacements
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