Bridge Rehabilitation

Berlin Township Beach Lake, PA



We were retained by the Township for the purpose of developing a study that outlined several options regarding the repair and/or replacement of the Adams Pond Road Bridge. The study concluded the necessary bridge repairs, which prompted development of contract documents and ultimately construction and repairs to the bridge.

Solution Details

We reviewed previous studies completed by others and needed to summarize their efforts and identify all minor rehabilitation efforts previously completed by others. These reviews and field inspections were completed by our structural department.

We completed the study, design, and construction services for the replacement of the existing bridge superstructure and approach roadway improvements that involved the following:

  • Remove the existing bridge and ground-mounted guardrail.
  • Demolish the existing bridge beams.
  • Install new bridge beams on the existing foundation. This assumed that the bridge foundation was able to support the new beam loads.
  • Install bituminous paving on the bridge deck and pave the approach roadways.
  • Install new guardrails on the bridge and along the approach roadways to the bridge.
  • Repair the crack in the abutment.
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