Environmental Consulting & Compliance

Confidential Food Manufacturer International (various)



We have been providing environmental consulting for a large, international, food manufacturer for more than two decades. With numerous manufacturing plants located internationally, environmental compliance is a challenging task, which we’ve jointly embraced, positioning the client as a leader in environmental compliance and stewardship.

In addition to a customized environmental database, allowing the client to track, manage, and report on their environmental compliance and initiatives, here is a brief summary of environmental consulting services for this client at numerous plant locations:

  • Air permitting (construction permits; state only and Title V operating permits)
  • Phase I and Phase II environmental assessments
  • SPCC, PPC, and Slug Plans
  • Industrial Pretreatment design and permitting
  • Stormwater permitting and No-Exposure registrations
  • Non-Hazardous waste reporting
  • Right-to-Know reporting
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