Environmental Consulting & Compliance

Confidential Manufacturing Client Pennsylvania (various)




Since 2002, we have been providing environmental consulting for a paper recycling company that operates two mills in Pennsylvania.

Our relationship with the client began with industrial wastewater discharge/ industrial pretreatment program services. Our scope expanded to facility-wide environmental regulatory compliance, including our conducting monthly compliance visits. Subsequently, we’ve completed applications for Title V permits and stormwater permits for each mill, and presently maintain an Industrial Users Permit with a local municipal authority for one of the two mills.

We also complete the following reports on our client’s behalf:

  • Annual and Semi-Annual Emissions Inventory
  • Title V Deviations and annual compliance reporting
  • Tier II reporting
  • Form R reporting
  • Quarterly Wastewater reporting
  • Residual Waste reporting
  • Act 220 reporting
  • SPCC / PPC Plans
  • Boiler and RICE MACT compliance assistance
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