Pipeline & Metering Stations

Confidential Natural Gas Client Western, PA



We provided prime engineering services for a 60-mile, 24-inch, high-pressure pipeline from Butler County, Pennsylvania to Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, including metering stations and five main-line valves.

Working with land agents, permitting, and surveyors, we led initial routing and optimizing routing. We created plans for land agreements and coordinated the Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), providing preliminary designs and conducting final reviews to coordinate needs relative to the final HDD intent/plan.

Solution Details

We created plans and profile constructability drawings. These efforts included identifying, planning and documenting in-line needs for valves and bends (both shop hot bends and field cold bends). We also performed pipeline evaluation classification per DOT Part 192, and assisted the owner with pipe grade/wall selections for all sizes and uses (e.g. bends, road crossings, railroad crossings).

We provided details for road and rail crossings, valve stations, and pigging configurations, including HDDs for roads, rivers and wetlands, conventional bores for roads and streams, traveling and backfill, valve stations at half or one-mile intervals, and pig launchers and receivers. We also provided meter station support for integrating pre-purchased meter tubes and meter/valve skids. We provided coordination support to the client for all aspects associated with these stations, including RFQ for meter tube, meter skid, valve regulations/control skid, separators and related storage system, SCADA controls, site power, grounding, and structural design for skid and building foundations.

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60 mile pipeline