Processing Facility: As-Built & Process Documentation

Confidential Natural Gas Client Mahoning County, OH



An upstream producer, with a newly constructed central processing facility that handled production of Marcellus Shale natural gas from several western Pennsylvania and Ohio wells, was in need of as-built documentation for its facility. These as-builts needed to be both; highly accurate and produced quickly. We were able to successfully complete this task for the client by deploying an experienced and diverse team.

The client and facility operators can now make more informed decisions by having a platform to note and plan future site expansions, record maintenance history, and clearly communicate operating parameters, at both the station and equipment levels.

Solution Details

In order to produce detailed process flow diagrams and accurate equipment location plans while meeting an aggressive schedule, we provided a multi-discipline team to this client’s Mahoning County, OH natural gas central processing facility. This experienced team of engineers and designers documented the site with detailed photos and field sketches, while utilizing GPS technology to accurately locate equipment, piping, and structural components referenced in those field notes.

The project team collaborated on field notes, photography, and GPS data to create a scaled site layout and full site process flow diagram. Upon delivery of the station documentation, it was requested that we also provide additional services to include the detailed equipment diagrams, which were sufficiently documented during the initial site visit.

equipment documented

  • High Pressure (HP) inlet gas header & receivers – ANSI 600 system
  • Low Pressure (LP) inlet gas header & receivers – ANSI 150 system
  • System HP/LP Emergency Shutdown (ESD)
  • Station header rack, header pipes for HP gas line, flare gas line, HP/LP dump lines, fuel gas line, methanol line, starter gas line, LP gas inlet line, and HP gas discharge line
  • HP inlet separator
  • HP gas line heater
  • HP second stage gas filter/separator
  • HP gas dehydration unit with re-boiler, BTEX, and glycol tank
  • Fuel gas separator
  • HP sales gas filter/separator
  • LP inlet gas header & receivers - ANSI 150 system
  • LP three-phase separator
  • Flash gas compression (future)
  • Flare stack with HP/LP flare drums
  • Water & oil storage with secondary containment, truck connections and vapor recovery system
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