RNG M&R Station Design

UGI Utilities Lackawanna County, PA



An area natural gas utility (Utility) company contracted with us to provide a metering and regulation (M&R) receipt station as well as a 12” high-pressure gas pipeline to transport renewable landfill (Landfill) natural gas (RNG) to market.

At over 12,000 MMBtu/day, this project is currently recognized as the largest RNG project in the world. Upstream of the M&R station and pipeline, the landfill gas is collected via a low-pressure system and processed to remove contaminants. Once processed, this transmission quality gas is compressed and delivered to the M&R station and pipeline for delivery to market.

Solution Details
design highlights
  • ASME B31.8 Station Design, ANSI 600 Class System Design
  • Coalescing Filter / Separator with Bypass and Blowdown Liquids Tank
  • 4” Ultrasonic Meter with Bypass
  • PIG Launcher
  • Piping and BOM Design
  • Cathodic Protection (CP) System Design Integration
  • Electrical Hazardous Area Analysis
  • Station Lighting and Conduit Plans
  • Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)

We worked closely with the Landfill RNG team and the natural gas utility to establish design solutions for the full range of this project’s operating parameters and functions. A unique station pad layout was developed to integrate with the existing landfill grading, which required a narrow station with equipment located parallel to each side of the pad. Three-dimensional (3D) station modeling allowed our design team to produce multiple equipment arrangements to maximize station layout efficiencies in an easily presentable form. As a result, vehicle access is provided down the center of the facility allowing clear access to all equipment and processes for operation, maintenance and egress. In addition to Utility equipment, we provided an allowance for the Landfill installed inlet gas scrubber, isolation shut-in valve and flare bypass connection to be located immediately outside the M&R station fence.

This station utilizes an inlet gas sampling system tied directly to the station inlet shut-in isolation valve. This function was critical to preventing station piping and equipment from encountering off-spec gas, in the unlikely case of an upstream Landfill processing quality issue. Downstream of this shut-in control is an inlet coalescing filter/bypass and associated double-wall blowdown tank for any collected liquids.

Flow measurement is provided by a 4” ultrasonic meter located immediately upstream of the pressure/flow control. This control is provided by a parallel worker/monitor control valve allowing redundant systems suitable for various operating conditions. Both gas metering and regulation are housed in a single building to prevent operational issues resulting from inclement weather.

In addition to the over-pressurization protection (OPP) provided by the worker/monitor control valves, a station pressure relief valve is provided for additional OPP. Odorization is provided immediately downstream of the station check valve to meet pipeline odorization requirements. A 12” launcher provides the ability to clean and monitor the integrity of the pipeline, which was sized to allow for future capacity increases or pressure reduction.

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12” high pressure RNG pipeline

12,000+ MMBtu/day

3D station modeling


This project was featured as the cover story in Compressor Magazine February 2022:
Gas Compressor Magazine Cover Feature Article