RNG Pipeline FEED Study

Confidential Natural Gas Client Northeast Pennsylvania



A natural gas utility company (Utility) approached us to provide a front end engineering design (FEED) study do multiple route evaluations to get landfill Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) into their existing infrastructure. These routes, which included 3,100’ and 20,000’ options, provided potential interconnects with two (2) different existing pipelines.
Each route was evaluated for permitting needs, constructability obstacles, environmental concerns, road/stream/utility crossings, and ROW acquisition requirements.

Solution Details
design highlights
  • 3-Week turnaround pipeline FEED Report
  • Three (3) route evaluations were performed
  • Over 37,000 feet of routing evaluated
  • One (1) river crossing and one (1) stream crossing reviewed
  • 45 parcels identified
  • Itemized construction estimates and recommendations generated for projects ranging from $1M to $6.7M

Working closely with the Utility, Entech established a hierarchy of routing preferences and concerns to set a baseline for the pipeline routing exercise. With tie-in locations identified, Entech’s team of civil, pipeline, and environmental professionals established multiple routing options, outlining the pros and cons along with summaries and KMZ alignments for each option. This provided critical information for determining the optimal route. Entech evaluated the following:

Right-of-Way (ROW) Analysis – providing review of existing ROWs as well as identifying property owners, acquisition requirements and land use designations.

Route Analysis – desktop and field review of proposed routes to identify/verify constructability of the potential routes. Considerations included estimations of rock construction due to potentially challenging geological databases and road/stream crossings.

Environmental Impacts - This included endangered species and impacts to sensitive environmental and cultural resources. PNDI searches were completed and required environmental permits were summarized and presented.

Roadways, Rail and Utility Crossings - such as high voltage power lines, were identified along with crossing methods and costs. Preferred crossing locations of were selected and recommendations for pipeline approach was presented in a final report.

Permits - Required federal, state, and municipal permits were identified along with projected permitting schedules.

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12” high pressure RNG pipeline

37,000’ of routing evaluated

45 parcels identified

3 week project turnaround

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