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Georgetown University Washington D.C.



Georgetown University (Georgetown), a private research university founded in 1789 and the oldest Jesuit and Catholic University in the United States, boasts both modern and historic facilities, including Healy Hall, a National Historic Landmark constructed 1877-1879 and designed by the same architects who built the U.S. Library of Congress. With the goal of prioritizing their limited resources and achieving maximum efficiency and return on project spending, Georgetown  wanted to understand their campus condition and maintenance liabilities in over 5.5 million sqft of their campus facilities. Furthermore Georgetown wanted to identify major MEP and fire protection building assets by barcoding, inventorying, and assessing the condition of these components..

Solution Details

Architectural and MEP systems were surveyed throughout 49 facilities including academic, administration, assembly, and research laboratory buildings, as well as residence halls, parking garages, and a utility plant. Deficiencies and remediations, capital renewals, and capital improvement projects were identified, described, and prioritized as either immediate, high, or low urgency initiatives and entered into our proprietary FM-Assistant software, giving Georgetown a platform through which to manage their assets and budget and schedule projects over the next decade. We then assisted in further organizing the data as the Facilities Management and Planning Staff sought to formulate funding strategies. Together, we developed a methodology to establish “Heritage Asset” definitions for buildings of significant historic or functional presence versus those buildings that were potentially expendable, so that high-level funding decisions could begin to be made. We also developed capital budgeting strategies focused on select buildings in the portfolio and assisted the staff in establishing a business case for funding requests.

Concurrently, we barcoded and entered into our database over 7,000 building assets, such as motorized controls, central utilities, and electrical switchgear. Having their campus’s equipment information and history within a centralized system now allows Georgetown’s maintenance staff to develop and deploy preventative maintenance schedules to keep their building systems running smoothly.
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5.5 million square feet assessed

49 buildings

7,000+ assets identified