Energy Audit & Reduction Planning

Lafayette College Easton, PA



Lafayette College (Lafayette) wanted to reduce their energy costs and lower their Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions on campus. We performed a two-phase, comprehensive energy audit on 49 buildings and their associated 1.5M sq/ft, to identify and benchmark their energy use, and develop operational and energy projects to reduce consumption and associated emissions. We were able to provide Lafayette with projects to save over $1M annually, which represents a 26% reduction, with an investment payback average of only 5.7 years.

Solution Details

As energy prices continue to escalate, campuses are facing increased operational expenses to run their buildings, and Lafayette is no exception. Additionally, as a signer of The American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment, Lafayette has committed itself to the environment and reducing their GHG emissions through a climate action plan. Reducing energy consumption naturally reduces GHG emissions, since GHGs are created through the production and transportation of energy.

After vigorously detailing Lafayette’s existing energy use and costs, over $5M in projects were identified that affected both building and multi-building systems and their operation and maintenance (O&M). To manage, track, and report on all of the projects and outcomes, we utilized our energy planning software module of our facility management platform, FM-Assistant.

Once implemented, those projects will reduce Lafayette’s energy bills by over $1M annually, their GHG emissions by over 20%, and bring their average energy cost per square foot on par with other campuses of their size. Furthermore, the savings will continually accrue after their payback period, affording Lafayette additional monies to invest in future projects on their campus.

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$1 million + annual energy savings

25%+ greenhouse gas emission reduciton

4 months shortest project payback period

5.7 years average payback period