Exterior Lighting Design Upgrades

Ryder Systems, Inc. Allentown, PA



Ryder System, Inc.’s Allentown (Ryder) location offers commercial truck renting, leasing, maintenance, fueling, and storage. Although the facility is primarily open to customers during traditional business hours, maintenance, fueling, and storage activity occurs 24 hours a day, creating constant truck traffic on-site. Ryder’s existing site lighting was under-performing, causing safety and security concerns for those entering or working on-site throughout the night. After evaluating several design options to increase the footcandle illuminance, Ryder selected the option that best suited their needs and added 40% more fixtures on-site, while reducing KWh by 71% and decreasing maintenance costs 4 fold.

Solution Details

Ryder’s existing site lighting consisted of pole- and building-mounted, high pressure sodium (HPS) tower and flood lights that totaled 29 fixtures. The fixture and location combination caused poor overall site lighting with many dark spots, especially near the lot’s perimeter, where vehicles are parked. The selected design option upgraded the HPS lights with LED lights, and added 13 fixtures, which included 10 perimeter pole mounts. The lighting upgrades, increased the site’s average footcandle luminescence value to two.

In addition to the higher light levels, the LED lights are projected to utilize 63,000 less KHh and have a four times long life expectancy, reducing annual costs by nearly $12,000.

With the improved lighting, site safety and security are increased by eliminating dark spots, and creating even light levels across the property for nighttime operations. In addition to reducing the potential liabilities from safety and security concerns, the energy and maintenance cost reductions will return all of Ryder’s investment dollars.

What They Said

"The lighting at our facility is now phenomenal! Your design and expertise is truly appreciated."

-Senior Service Manager

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2 avg. footcandle illuminance

71% lighting KWh reduction

$12,000 estimated annual energy and maintenance savings

40% more fixtures

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