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After all the pre-planning and assessment work is done, it’s time to harness the true power of your Facility Condition Assessment.

professional engineering and architectural analysis

The data is now collected and organized, and the resulting metrics are generated, but without context, metrics live in a vacuum. So our professional engineers and architects put their heads together to analyze your data and metrics within the context of your specific campus and operation to help you determine which metrics give you the information you actually need and to help you understand what that information means, empowering you to create better capital plans and budgets to keep your buildings and facilities working for you and your people, supporting your mission and objectives.

powerful software

The real magic behind the Facility Condition Assessment reports is the software that houses the data and creates those reports. Our FM-Assistant software stores all your data and analytics in the cloud, so it can be accessed anywhere. That also enables it to be further analyzed, updated, and reported on, so you can:

  • benchmark, track, and share progress
  • create funding scenarios to measure impacts on building and campus metrics
  • export to your favorite spreadsheet formats! Our software has countless advantages over typical spreadsheets, but if you’re a spreadsheet lover, fear not – our software is structured to easily export to Excel and .pdf reports, providing you with great tools for analyzing information in a clear, concise, and sharable format, offering you a snapshot’s look at your current needs and situations on many levels. 


common FCA reports:

  • Ten-year budget projections
  • Projects by Building
  • Projects by Campus
  • Projects by Portfolio
  • Projects by Priority
  • Projects by Category / System
  • Facility Condition Index (FCI)
  • FCI by System
  • Total Projects per SF
  • Annual renewal costs
  • Scenario Forecasting

managing your data

Vital to any facility software is managing the data and keeping it current. We provide simple tools to allow you to keep your data up-to-date and accurate, so any changes made are reflected in new reports. We offer software training and also typically propose periodic check-ins with you and your staff to help with the process and ensure the data and reports are continuing to help you make more informed decisions to maintain your facilities.

data integration & customization

Facility data doesn’t live on an island. In many cases it needs to integrate with other data sources and systems. Our programmers and developers can work with you and any existing software platforms and APIs to connect the data so it can work even harder for you. We also have developed custom modules within the FM-Assistant software platform to house energy, asset, maintenance, environmental, and other data sets, linking common elements together.

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