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Pre-planning is the most critical step in a Facility Condition Assessment (FCA). If done poorly or if not done at all, the entire project and outcomes will suffer immensely. Pre-planning is completed before any fieldwork, data collection, analysis, or programming. It’s here where the right communication, expertise, and leadership add immeasurable value to your project. We facilitate discussions with your stakeholders in a collaborative process that nails down the specific details and philosophies for your assessment procedures, data collection and analysis focus, database integrations, and reporting customizations to ensure that the assessment will provide the tools and information necessary to accurately inform your future strategic decisions.

Don’t fear the details!

It may be your first time (or first time in a while) conducting an FCA, but it’s not ours!

With the right pre-planning and guidance, we’ll help you iron out the details; the assessment, analysis, and reporting will all be smooth sailing!

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