Controlling Building Humidity Roundtable: Dews & Don'ts

Posted by Entech Engineering on Saturday, August 21, 2021

Humidity Roundtable Title

Humidity can be a fickle thing in buildings, especially ones that have seen their fair share of summers. And seemingly small operational changes can have a disproportionate impact on humidity. 

We gathered up some campus facility managers, an engineer, and a mechanical contractor to chat together, share their stories and experiences, and field audience questions on how to keep buildings in the humidity “sweet spot,” through operational changes, equipment modifications, system upgrades, and other tips and hacks our savvy panel has to share.


  • Stuart Heisey (Entech)
  • Bill Leech (Kutztown University)
  • Neal McNutt (Penn State University)
  • Ray Alexandar (Penn State University)
  • Dakota Brown (Dual Temp)
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