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Posted by Christine Gunsaullus on Monday, December 11, 2023

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Tori Morgan, LO, joined Entech in 2020 to bolster the regulatory compliance services team. She offers a depth of knowledge from both industrial manufacturing and municipal wastewater environmental compliance. A gifted trainer, connector, and resource gatherer, Tori brings incredible energy to her role as Director of Funding, Regulatory Relations and Compliance for Entech.

What was the first training you ever did?

One of the first was as the Industrial Pretreatment (IP) Coordinator at the Easton Area Joint Sewer Authority in PA. A local bakery discharged into our plant, and they requested in-house training to better understand their discharge permits, where their waste went, and how it was processed. That was when I first met Kara Humes (of Entech) because they were the bakery's Engineer. She and I did the training together, and the bakery liked it so much that they had us do two more presentations for all their IP Coordinators throughout the country. Kara's been a friend ever since.

What type of training do you do?

Entech has always provided training for our clients, so I've added my specialties: achieving regulatory compliance, developing and implementing FOG Programs, and finding funding for projects. I'm also a longtime leader of the Pretreatment Information Exchange in the Lehigh Valley around Allentown, PA. For 25 years, we've helped local industries, businesses, and watersheds to work in harmony, and offer industrial training and networking as part of industrial pretreatment programs.

Why do you enjoy training and developing training programs?

I love the challenge of getting someone excited about the subject matter. For most people, it's the first time they fully understand their jobs and what is needed to make them successful at their jobs. I want them to see the whole picture and know how they can positively impact their company and the environment outside.

I also enjoy the interactive part, hearing people's stories and struggles, and determining how we can all work together to help each other as a community. So, the training I provide is never reading slides or a boring lecture; it's very interactive. We've all had different experiences and learned a lot of lessons, so the attendees sometimes can learn as much from each other as from me. They just need an open and encouraging forum to do it.

You've been involved in a lot of diverse organizations – local government, schools, chambers of commerce, board memberships, and so much more. How has this impacted your career?

It's the best thing I could have ever done. Volunteering gives me a deep understanding of the organizations, so I better know the people, their mission, and their challenges. From the outside looking in, it's easy to say, well, do this or that to solve your problems. But since I really know the individuals and the difficulties they face, I feel empathy and can genuinely say, I understand. I get it. This, in turn, helps my relationships with Entech's clients and the different industries and businesses we serve, because they battle many of the same issues.

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