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Posted by Bryon Killian on Tuesday, February 11, 2020

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Here at Entech, we love educating, believing that a key to better decisions is being more informed.


One of our most-seasoned presenters, Ed Pietroski, PE, Senior Project Manager, doing double-duty, presenting a "two-fer." He is touring Pennsylvania in 2020 with the Pennsylvania Rural Water Association (PRWA) teaching two wastewater classes in one day: Aerobic Digestion" and "Let's Clarify Clarifiers in Wastewater Treatment." Attendies to the full day session get both classes and 6 wastewater credit hours.

Ed revels in making the process understandable, and loves sharing ideas with operators on how to tweak how they run their plants to make a huge difference. Over the last 45 years he has worked in wastewater from all sides: engineering design firms, municipal sewer and water authorities, boroughs, townships, and water and sewer utilities.

His unique perspective leaves him well versed in both engineering design and how things really work in the field, but it’s his way of simplifying the process and helping operators run their plants better that everyone appreciates.

about the courses:

Aerobic Digestion: Review the theory of an aerobic digester including proper biological balances. The components and physical elements of the digestion process are outlined, as are the operational controls and process considerations for successful operation of an aerobic digester.

Let's Clarify Clarifiers in Wastewater Treatment: This course will help operators understand the various types of clarifiers, and how they operate as an integral part of the wastewater treatment system. Hydraulic Design Principles and Solids Loading Principles will be explained, but more importantly, how the clarifier must be operated to stay within those principles will also be shown. The course will be specifically geared to helping the operator understand the day to day adjustments of running a clarifier. Theory be “damned”!

6.0 wastewater credit hours.

course dates & locations:

Date Location
February 19, 2020 Carbondale, PA sign-up
April 9, 2020 POSTPONED Altoona, PA sign-up
May 6, 2020 POSTPONED York, PA sign-up
June 4, 2020 POSTPONED Beaver Falls, PA sign-up
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