Who Says Talk Is Cheap? Especially Water Talk!

Posted by Christine Gunsaullus on Monday, April 4, 2016

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Every spring and fall, we enjoy an abundance of water and wastewater conferences that give us the chance to see (and hug!) so many of our clients, old friends, and new friends, plus share our water and wastewater knowledge through presentations that feature projects, research, and stories that help our clients make informed decisions. I was thrilled when I joined Entech to learn that they valued, not only being members of industry groups, like AWWA, PMAA, PWEA, and WWOAP, but going one or even two steps further to volunteer, lead, and routinely speak at the conferences for these organizations.


In the last weeks, Bryon Killian, PE, and I presented at the NJ AWWA Conference in Atlantic City, NJ. His presentation, All Mixed Up? Picking and Choosing Your Tank Mixing System, was timely. I spoke with a number of water tank owners there lamenting over the number of choices they had in regards to mixing, because they didn’t know what would work best. Bryon’s talk covered the basics, presenting advantages and disadvantages of the various types, but made it clear that every tank is unique. The mixer for one tank in your system may not work in another tank, so knowing and evaluating your options is essential. We’ve helped a number of clients by delving into the nuances of up to eight different mixing scenarios, calculating the short-term installation costs, and water and system quality, along with the important long-term operating and maintenance costs, to help them decide.

I was very excited to share, Extreme Makeover 2: The Tank Edition, that highlighted five big challenges we overcame to successfully repaint a 2.0 million gallon water tank in the middle of Lansdale, PA. Many audience members had experienced similar challenges with cell antenna carriers on tanks and tight job sites, so they appreciated the tenacity, planning, good communication, and teamwork that got this project completed on time. And, they loved the big reveal at the end, highlighting the completed tank via an aerial drone video.


These are just a recent sampling, but we’re passionate about sharing our expertise to help clients make more informed and better decisions. That’s why we do this, and what we’re all about. If you can’t experience them live, our online resources section houses all of these presentations, so you can review them anytime on-demand.

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