Heating Utility Master Plan & Design

Kutztown University Kutztown, PA



We evaluated the University’s central boiler plant and steam distribution system utilities. We assessed the condition and expected life for each of the plant’s systems to recommended courses of action for the University to continue with its campus steam heating system. The existing plant functioned using older equipment, including three coal-fired boilers, two gas-fired boilers, and a variety of aging auxiliary systems. The steam distribution system consisted of approximately 11,000 linear feet of piping ranging from 2 to 10 inch piping. The majority of the steam piping was installed in the 1950s and 1960s.

As part of the heating utility master plan, we developed various renovation and replacement options for the University’s consideration, including: refurbishing existing boilers and plant systems, converting to natural gas / oil operation, and constructing a new steam plant, with cogeneration.

The University used the recommendations within the utility master plan to make an informed decision, opting to construct a new central boiler plant on the campus. We were subsequently selected to complete the engineering and architectural design this new plant with three 30,000 lb/hr boilers fired on natural gas or fuel oil. The facility included the new boiler room, a maintenance shop, offices, electrical room, locker room, and a conference room. The project also included 1,500 feet of steam piping, condensate piping, a campus condensate receiving and pumping station, 30,000 gallon fuel oil storage, emergency generator, water lines, new roadways, and parking lot improvements. Additionally, the natural gas piping required an analysis of the campus system to determine if modifications / upgrades were needed.

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30,000 lb/hr boilers (x3)

30,000 gallon fuel oil storage

1,500 lf new steam & condensate piping